5 Reasons to See an Oral Surgeon for Facial Trauma Surgery

If you’re recovering from a facial trauma, then it’s important to know you have options. While plenty of professionals can help you heal from a facial injury, oral surgeons have unique expertise that makes them perfect for performing facial trauma surgery. Below are five reasons to call an oral surgeon for your facial trauma surgery and recovery.

1- Restore Your Smile

Facial trauma surgery is used to restore the teeth, gums, jaw, and other parts of your smile. Oral surgeons in particular are trained in micro-surgery, allowing them to subtly restore different parts of the mouth simultaneously. This gives patients the best possible results with as little recovery time as possible.

2- Protect Your Oral Health

Of course, facial trauma surgery isn’t just about the look of the smile- it’s also about a patient’s oral health. Missing or damaged teeth can lead to a weakened jaw, gum disease, or issues with the remaining teeth. Restoring your smile will protect your mouth against further damage.

3- Create a Comprehensive Plan

Recovering from facial trauma can take time. An oral surgeon can help you create a long-term treatment plan that addresses your unique recovery goals. Whether you need additional surgeries, orthodontic care, or dental devices, your oral surgeon can help you create a treatment plan that works for you.

4- Work With an Expert

Many different surgeons work with trauma patients. However, oral surgeons are uniquely trained to address facial trauma recovery. When you work with an oral surgeon, you are choosing a professional who has been trained to treat your specific needs.

5- Get Peace Of Mind

You don’t have to face your facial trauma alone. The right professional can offer you advice, support, and encouragement during the treatment process. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your surgery is in the right hands. When you’re dealing with a trauma, having the right support makes all the difference.

Facial Trauma Surgery in Cypress, TX

Rock Creek Oral Surgery uses the latest tools and procedures to help facial trauma patients recover. We work with patients to restore both the look and also the functionality of their smiles. Call us today to get started!


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