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Trapped In: How To Get The Food Stuck in Your Wisdom Tooth Hole Out?

Jun 15, 2023

Wisdom tooth extraction may sound scary, but it’s a great solution for a molar growing at a weird angle. Even for an impacted tooth, extraction is the best way to eliminate the pain. Although, post-extraction aftercare is what truly matters. For instance, once the wisdom tooth is removed, you are left with an empty socket, […]

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Jaw Out Of Alignment? Here Are 5 Causes That Could Be Causing It!

May 30, 2023

Have you ever tried to open your mouth only to hear a loud “pop” or “crackle” reverberate through your bones? Perhaps you often wake up with your teeth clenched together. No matter what minor acts lead up to it, a misaligned jaw can be quite problematic to deal with, especially if proper care is not […]

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