7 Tips to Speed Up Your Jaw Surgery Recovery

May 30, 2024

It is normal to feel nervous about surgery, especially jaw surgery, since it impacts how and what you eat. However, your nervousness may subside a little if you know what to expect. In this blog, we will share the 7 best tips for jaw surgery recovery to help you get back to doing what you […]

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When To Stop Using Gauze After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

May 15, 2024

Wisdom tooth extraction is an important dental procedure, and proper aftercare is key to healing and avoiding complications. After the surgery, you’re usually told to bite down on gauze to help stop bleeding. But when to stop using gauze after wisdom tooth extraction? In this blog, we’ll explain when it’s safe to stop using gauze […]

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What Is Corrective Jaw Surgery And Do I Need It?

Apr 30, 2024

Individuals with misaligned jaws are profoundly conscious of their profile. A crooked jaw does give you an unpleasant appearance and can be extremely painful. Fret not, people, because you can easily fix your jaw with a simple Corrective Jaw Surgery and get yourself a perfect profile because who doesn’t want one?! Corrective Jaw Surgery is […]

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What Every Expectant Mother Should Know Sleep Apnea?

Apr 15, 2024

Are you expecting? Congratulations! While you’re busy preparing for the arrival of your little one, it’s essential to take care of yourself too. One crucial aspect of self-care during pregnancy is ensuring you get quality sleep. But did you know that pregnancy can increase your risk of experiencing sleep apnea? Let’s find out about this […]

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How Iv Nutrition Makes A Difference For Dental Care Boost

Mar 30, 2024

Long before the era of vitamin supplements, our ancestors grasped the connection between diet and health. Sailors of centuries past endured scurvy, a disease characterized by bleeding gums and slow wound healing due to vitamin C deficiency during long voyages without access to fresh fruits and vegetables. The discovery that citrus fruits could prevent scurvy […]

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Separating Fact From Fiction About Wisdom Teeth!

Mar 15, 2024

Everyone must be aware of Wisdom Teeth and they also might know someone who got it removed. Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars and they are usually located at the back of your mouth. They erupt at the age of 16-22, hence earning the name “Wisdom”. You might have heard that when your […]

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