Gummy Smile Correction: 4 Great Treatment Options

Are you unhappy with your gummy smile? Having extra gum tissue visible when you smile can make you feel unconfident when laughing or talking. Of course, this can have a massive impact on your life! Luckily though, there are several different gummy smile correction options. Read on to learn about 4 of or most popular gummy smile correction tools.

Minor Lip Correction

For some patients, a minor change in the lips is enough to majorly improve the look of their smiles. There are several ways to correct the size, shape, or position of the upper lip. Dermal fillers can hide excess gum tissue by increasing the fullness of your lips.

Also, lip repositioning can also reduce a gummy smile. This is a minor, minimally invasive surgery that shows great, long-term results.

Gum Contouring

Many people who have a gummy smile simply have an excess of gum tissue along their tooth line. Gum contouring allows dentists to remove this tissue using a special, gentle laser. This procedure creates dramatic but natural results for people with gummy smiles.

Maxillary Impaction

For some patients, a gummy smile is the result of the size, shape, and/or position of the jaw. For these people, a maxillary impaction can change the jaw structure and therefore create a more desirable smile. A maxillary impaction removes excess bone from the upper jaw (also called the maxilla). While this procedure is more complex than gum contouring, it’s very effective for patients with have jaw issues impacting their smile.

Surgical Orthodontics

Sometimes, a gummy smile is caused by a bite or tooth alignment issue. In these cases, orthodontics can be used to move the tooth or bite position into a more desirable location. While regular braces or aligners might work for some patients, others will need surgical orthodontics, which is great for more complex cases.

Gummy Smile Correction in Cypress, TX

Rock Creek Oral Surgery is here to help you smile with confidence. We offer all four of these treatments, as well as a variety of other oral surgery options. Not sure which service is right for you? Call us today to book a consultation.


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