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Transform Your Beautiful Smile

Gummy Smile Correction

Transform Your Beautiful Smile

Sometimes veneers alone aren’t enough to correct a gummy smile. When we think of oral surgery, we usually picture changes to our teeth. However, our gums are just as important, both for our health and also for the look of our smile. Here are a few of the ways the Rock Creek Oral Surgery team performs gummy smile correction in Cypress to help enhance your smile.

If your gummy smile is mild and only requires minor correction, there are many non-surgical methods available to give you a happy, healthy smile. Research suggests that the upper lip should lie just above the upper teeth when smiling, with gums showing only minimally.

We can use dermal fillers for gummy smile treatment in your upper lip, which will increase the volume and fullness of the lips. Alternatively, hyperactive lips that expose the gums too much, can minimize by limiting the muscle pull on your lips.

Another technique involves lip repositioning, which is minimally invasive and requires only minor surgery. It restricts the lip muscles from moving too much when you smile so that excess gums don’t show.

If you have an excessively gummy smile, you can resolve it using gum recontouring as part of our gummy smile treatment in Cypress, TX. Where previously, gum contouring would have required invasive surgery, stitches or sutures, and potential loss of sensation, modern dental technology allows us to perform the surgery in a much faster way, with a dramatically shorter recovery period.

Often, it’s not your teeth that are too short, but your gums that are covering up most of your teeth, making them appear small. That’s why a soft tissue laser is used to gently remove excessive gum tissue and raise your gum line to a position that suits your smile.

You benefit from the improved precision and accuracy of laser treatment, decreased bleeding and discomfort, and a healing period of just a few days. So why wait? Get your gummy smile correction in Cypress from Rock Creek.

Sometimes, a gummy smile is caused by vertical maxillary excess. This is when the lower third of your face is longer than the rest of it, and it may also cause a condition called open bite, where the front teeth do not touch. This requires a corrective orthognathic surgery, which involves removing excess bone from the maxilla (upper jaw) to restore a natural smile without excess gums showing. Of course, since this procedure is more invasive and requires more recovery time than gum contouring, our expert oral surgeons in Cypress will determine whether a maxillary impaction is right for you.

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