Is a Single Tooth Denture the Right Choice For Me?

If you are missing a tooth, then you are probably eager to restore your smile. A single tooth denture is a little-known option, but one that can easily help you meet your goals. But is a single tooth denture the right choice for you? Learn all about these artificial teeth below.

What is a Single Tooth Denture?

A single tooth is such a small part of the body. But if you’re missing a tooth, then you know that this tiny thing can have a huge impact on your confidence. Plus, a missing tooth can also impact your overall oral health. A single tooth denture restores the look of your smile while also supporting your healthy teeth and jawbone.

Is a Denture Really a Good Idea?

Lots of patients are nervous that dentures will be bulky, uncomfortable, and unattractive. While this might have been true in the past, today’s dentures have come a long way! Your modern dentures are custom-made using the finest materials, ensuring a comfortable fit and subtle look.

Fixed Vs. Removable Options

Single tooth dentures can be either fixed or removable. Fixed devices are permanently attached to the mouth with a dental implant. Removable devices are made of a strong material that resembles gum tissue. Patients can keep this device in place, then easily remove it for cleaning or eating.

Of course, fixed dentures require oral surgery and are more invasive upfront. But over time, these dentures become the more comfortable and supportive option. However, removable dentures are still a great choice for patients who want more flexibly- or patients who cannot undergo surgery.

Learn More

Is a single tooth denture right for you? A dental consultation is the only way to know for sure. During this visit, a dentist will assess your oral health and help you choose the best procedure for your needs. They can also answer any of your questions and help you feel comfortable with the tooth replacement process.

Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Rock Creek Oral Surgery is here to help you smile with confidence. We offer a wide variety of options in order to meet every patient’s dental goals. Get started today! Explore our website to learn about our services, or call us today to book your first appointment.


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