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Plan With The End In Mind

Restorative Oral Surgery

Plan With The End In Mind

We offer a variety of options for oral surgery in Cypress. Whether you have a jaw bone issue or are recovering from an oral disease, we can use oral surgery to repair and strengthen your mouth. Here are a few of our most popular oral surgery procedures:

Modern oral surgery has come a long way, allowing us to grow bone in areas where it is needed. This is necessary if the patient has been missing teeth for a long period of time, which causes the jaw bone to weaken and atrophy. That’s why we use advanced techniques for the best oral surgery in Cypress, TX. Bone grafting is a simple way of naturally replacing a patient’s missing jawbone. It’s a tried-and-tested line of treatment for patients with tooth decay, periodontal disease, or facial trauma. We use bone grafting to create a strong foundation for dental implants, restoring functionality and appearance to the jaw bone in the process.

Ridge augmentations are often performed along with bone grafting after a tooth extraction. This procedure reshapes a patient’s alveolar ridge, the bone that surrounds the roots of the teeth. This is sometimes needed to ensure that prosthetics fit correctly and that enough bone is available for future implant surgery. Our expert oral surgery in Cypress helps dental implants look and feel as natural as possible, by recreating the natural contour and shape of the gums and jaw that have been lost due to jawbone atrophy.

A socket preservation can preserve the look, shape and functionality of your natural tooth socket after a tooth extraction. After an extraction, a patient’s body will immediately begin to close the gaps left behind in the mouth. By using a socket preservation, your oral surgeon in Cypress can prevent deformities in the jaw by filling the socket with bone and covering it with tissue that allows the body to naturally repair the area.  This lets you save your tooth’s natural space for a better-fitting implant crown, tooth borne bridges, or other treatment options in the future.

Tooth extractions are needed for a variety of reasons. We regularly perform routine extractions as well as complex ones to remove severely decayed or damaged teeth. Regardless of your needs, you can rest assured that your extraction will be as comfortable and painless as possible.

Sinus lifts are often used to make room along a patient’s top jawline through the use of bone augmentation. This is usually needed to create ideal length of bone for dental implants, but can also be helpful for other dental procedures. A sinus lift is sometimes necessary for people with missing teeth or a history of periodontal disease.

Like the sinus lift, nerve repositioning is sometimes needed to properly fit dental implants. This procedure makes room along a patient’s lower jawline by temporarily moving the jaw nerves that sit in the mouth. The inferior alveolar nerve is isolated and moved slightly to allow placement of the dental implants, after which the nerve bundle is placed back over the area. While it is not always necessary, our experts are able to determine whether it is an appropriate treatment option for your needs.

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