Separating Fact From Fiction About Wisdom Teeth!

Everyone must be aware of Wisdom Teeth and they also might know someone who got it removed. Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars and they are usually located at the back of your mouth. They erupt at the age of 16-22, hence earning the name “Wisdom”.

You might have heard that when your wisdom teeth come in, you need to get them removed quickly otherwise they’ll cause a lot of problems. It is false, not everyone ends up having their wisdom teeth removed.

In fact, there are a number of myths that surround them which often scare people from receiving the dental care they need. Here are some of the common myths which are not true:

Myth 1: Everyone Has A Wisdom Teeth

Not everyone develops wisdom teeth. Only some people have it, while some individuals have them below the gum line that never erupts.

Some people may grow few whereas some have all four wisdom teeth. In some cases, you might have all four of them but only need a few of them removed.

Around 35% of the people are born without wisdom teeth.

Myth 2: Wisdom Teeth Should Always Be Removed

We mostly think it is very necessary to get our third molars removed which is not exactly true.

Some individuals end up experiencing trauma, crowding or infection, whereas others have absolutely no issues and their third molars erupt healthily without any complications.

Regular dental checkups along with X-rays can help you monitor them.

Myth 3: Wisdom Teeth Are Worthless

People nowadays think that wisdom teeth are useless and have no purpose, which is false.

Some people have enough space in their mouth for them, which serves as a backup molars and helps to grind food effectively. They can also be useful for future dental implants.

Myth 4: You Can Tell If You Have Wisdom Teeth

This is not really true, if you can’t see your third molars doesn’t mean they’re not present. This is because wisdom teeth are stuck within the soft tissue or jawbone.

Hence dentists usually take X-rays to help them to reveal the position and presence of the hidden teeth or point out any potential problems with the growth of these teeth.

Myth 5: Wisdom Teeth Always Cause Pain

Pain that is linked with wisdom teeth is a frequent concern for everyone. However, it does not always mean that it is a problem.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, which means that they are stuck below the gum line. The pain is not really common, some eruptions can be painless. Visiting your dentist and having a checkup can help to identify any complications beforehand.

Final Takeaway

If you experience pain and swelling along with soreness in your jaw or the back of your mouth. This may be caused by wisdom teeth, if left untreated when causing pain can lead to swelling, tooth decay or inflamed gums.

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