Sore Throat After Tooth Extraction: Is This Normal?

If you’re recovering from oral surgery, you might be dealing with a little discomfort. And while some pain and swelling in the mouth is normal, many patients wonder why they also have a sore throat. Is a sore throat after a tooth extraction normal? What causes this? And how can you find relief? Get the answers below.

What to Expect After Oral Surgery

After an oral surgery, it will take your body some time to recover. You may feel some grogginess, fatigue, and facial numbness right after your procedure. This is normal and is caused by your anesthesia wearing off. In the hours and days that follow, you might also deal with swelling of the face or mouth, bruising, and extra sensitivity or pain.

What Causes a Sore Throat After Tooth Extraction?

While most patients understand that pain is normal after oral surgery, they wonder about a sore throat after a tooth extraction. Is this normal, too? Well, it can be. Pain might only occur at the surgery site, or it might radiate outward, affecting the throat, ears, or face.

Signs of Infection

While a sore throat after a tooth extraction is usually nothing to worry about, it can sometimes be a sign of infection. While infections are easy to treat, they can become serious if patients ignore them. If you have a fever after your oral surgery, or if you experience excessive bleeding, swelling, trouble swallowing, or changes in your surgery site, then contact your oral surgeon right away.

How to Deal With Pain

If you have pain following your oral surgery, there are a few simple ways to find relief. Firstly, avoid foods and drinks that are too hot and too cold, and stick with soft, simple foods to help your mouth recover. You can also try using a cold compress on your face for pain relief. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be helpful, too. Just be sure to ask your oral surgeon before taking any medications.

Talking to an Oral Surgeon

If you are struggling with pain as you recover from a tooth extraction, then an oral surgeon can help. At Rock Creek Oral Surgery, we offer a wide variety of services to help patients before, during, and after their extractions. Click the links on the right side of the screen to contact us today.


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