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A Faster Way To Achieve Your Desired Smile

Surgical Orthodontics

A Faster Way To Achieve Your Desired Smile

Sometimes, braces alone aren’t enough to fix a patient’s orthodontic issues. Luckily, there are other procedures that can help. With our expert dentists and the best surgical orthodontics in Cypress, Dr. Garza can fix your jaw, bite, and alignment issues that cannot be remedied with braces alone.

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is typically used for patients whose problems cannot be treated using orthodontics alone. That’s why we offer a range of surgical orthodontics at our Cypress dental office. Usually, orthodontists will try traditional orthodontics, such as braces, bite plates, and headgear to attempt to solve jaw problems before resorting to orthodontic surgery. However, misaligned jaws or malocclusions might not be remedied with regular orthodontics.

Oral surgeries can seem intimidating. While surgical orthodontics is more invasive than other ortho solutions, most patients find the surgery is well worth the results.

Over time, uncorrected jaw issues such as overbite, underbite, excessively gummy smiles or jaws that are overdeveloped or underdeveloped can lead to severe pain, cosmetic issues, and other dental concerns. Surgical orthodontics addresses the underlying problems that lead to these issues, leaving you with a comfortable, healthy smile for life.

Our surgical orthodontics in Cypress, TX involve special coordination between oral surgeons and orthodontists, who work together to reposition the teeth and the jaws respectively. We use advanced techniques and computerized 3D modelling to evaluate the patient’s conditions and prepare for surgery to ensure success.

For most of us, our teeth erupt naturally, fitting in the right spot along the gum line. However, sometimes teeth may fail to erupt on their own, or only erupt partially. This is a common issue with canine teeth, known as canine impaction, and it’s known to occur in patients with excessive dental crowding or abnormal blockage of the canines. That’s why our canine exposure surgery in Cypress helps move these teeth into the correct position and allow them to erupt successfully. This will not only save patients a great deal of pain, but can also help protect their teeth from alignment changes as their canines grow in.

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