Want To Avoid Getting a Root Canal – 11 Ways To Do It

Dentists often encourage physical self-assessment of the mouth at the time of brushing. This is done so that one can detect visible oral issues in the early stages. However, you cannot assess whether or not there is a need for a root canal treatment, so do not avoid going to the dentist for regular checkups.

We understand that getting a root canal treatment may seem daunting, and many would go to lengths to avoid it. Well, instead of throwing arrows in the air, follow this blog to learn 11 simple ways to avoid getting a root canal in the first place.

11 Ways to Avoid Getting a Root Canal Done

Root canals are inevitable when the infection manages to reach the roots. This procedure is quite expensive and causes a big dent in the pocket of people who do not have insurance.

However, with precaution, you can avoid getting a root canal. Here are 11 tips that will surely help prevent cavities and the subsequent need for a root canal.

Do not Skip Your Dental Visits

Even after careful screening, there is a possibility of not knowing whether a cavity has sprouted. Dentists perform deep dental cleaning after thoroughly examining teeth. They clean plaque and remove bacterial presence from sites you can’t reach.

Brush Your Teeth Daily

Brushing your teeth 2 times a day or after meals can help you avoid reaching the level of a root canal. The best technique is to brush with soft bristle in a circular motion for at least a span of two minutes. You can also use it to rub or scrape off dirt from the tongue.

Floss for Life

Unlike brushing, flossing is better to use at least once daily. It helps in the removal of tiny food particles as well as bacteria from areas regular bristles do not reach. Flossing prevents foul breath and tooth infections.

Fluoride Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Fluoride toothpaste, along with mouth rinses, acts as an adjunct to proper brushing and floss. It aids in the prevention of cavities, helps in the remineralization of the enamel, and gets rid of plaque.

Diet Modification – Your Drinks

Drinks high in sugar content, such as sodas, are bad for your teeth. Acids in natural citrus fruits damage your teeth, they feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and you won’t be able to avoid root canals after this.

Always Get Fillings for Your Cavity

The bacteria will proliferate if a cavity is left untreated and cause major troubles. As the cavity goes deeper, it tries to reach the root where nerve endings reside. In case this happens, you cannot avoid a root canal process. Getting cavities filled as soon as they are detected is the only route of action.

Get Yourself a Mouthguard

People who are active in sports must get one. They have more probability of suffering from an accident that causes fractures. Such cracks or chip in the tooth exposes the roots and nerves, resulting in an infection.

Stay Away From Hard Foods

Hard foods put pressure on the teeth. Those whose pearly whites are weak or have restorations should avoid such edibles. Some of the items, like hard candies or lollipops, are major breakers. They crack or chip the tooth, which can lead to bacterial entry.

Do Not Eat Sticky Food

Sticky foods tend to get stuck on the enamel and stay on it for long hours. This gives the bacteria ample time and a source of energy to start making a cavity by multiplying.

Do not Bite In Non-Food Items

Activities such as tearing plastic or opening a bottle using teeth have negative consequences. One wrong move can lead to fractures, breaks, or cracks in a tooth.

Cater Your Pain

Do not ignore pain calls, as they may serve as a precursor of something harmful that is about to happen. Get down to the dentist’s office as soon as you feel either sharp zaps or dull toothache.


If the bacterial manifestation has reached the roots, it is not possible or a sane decision to avoid getting a root canal done. Instead of fearing the process, talk to Rock Creek Oral Surgery professionals at (832) 930-7801 for more information.


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