What Patients Need to Know About Emergency Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can be stressful for any patient, but emergency oral surgery can be even scarier. And while dentists and oral surgeons are used to dealing with emergencies, they know that it can be very scary for patients. Knowing what to expect during emergency oral surgery can help you stay calm if you- or a loved one- ever need one of these procedures. Below, we’ll share what happens during emergency oral surgery so you can be prepared.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies usually happen as the result of an injury or a health problem. For instance, broken/chipped teeth, loose or missing implants, and accidents that injure the face are all reasons to see an emergency dentist. Certain dental issues, such as tooth abscesses, infections, and dental implant failure can also be emergencies, especially if the pain is so bad that it’s severe. While not all of these will need emergency oral surgery, they will need medical care. Call a dentist ASAP if you have any of these issues.

Will I Need Emergency Oral Surgery?

Emergency oral surgery is sometimes used to remove or replace crowns, implants, or other dental devices. It’s also used to remove teeth that are too damaged to be saved. In these cases, the teeth will be replaced with a crown or dental bridge, though this may take place during a different surgery. During emergencies, the top priority is your health and safety. After the emergency is resolved, cosmetic issues can then be treated.

Is Surgery Painful?

This is one of the most common patient questions we get about oral surgery. It’s important to know that dental work has come a long way. New types of sedation and pain meds make oral surgery more comfortable than ever before. Plus, new tools mean smaller cuts and less recovery time for patients. We use the latest tools and tech to make surgery as comfortable as possible.

Dental Care in Cypress, TX

Rock Creek Oral Surgery offers expert oral care to those in the Houston area. We have emergency services to treat injuries, facial traumas, oral diseases, and more. Call us today to learn more.


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