What to Do If You Have Loose Dental Implants

Dental implants are known for being strong and secure. Thus, loose dental implants can be a big concern. If you notice loose dental implants, then don’t panic. Follow these steps to fix the problem and keep your mouth safe.

What Causes Loose Dental Implants?

Loose dental implants are rare. However, this issue is most likely to happen shortly after getting implants. In these cases, the issue is usually caused by an implant failing to properly bond to the jaw. Other issues, such as tooth infections, frequent tooth grinding, and injury can also affect dental implants.

Warning Signs of Loose Implants

Sometimes, implants will feel loose or even come out completely. However, sometimes symptoms will be more subtle. Look out for pain, swelling, or bleeding around your dental implant site. Also pay attention to new sensations, such as feeling like your tooth is moving or unstable. Any changes to the way your mouth looks or feels should be investigated by a dentist or oral surgeon.

What Should You Do?

If you think you have a loose implant, then seek dental help ASAP. This can be a serious problem with major dental consequences- especially if you ignore the issue or try to fix it on your own. Call your dentist or oral surgeon, and try to relay as much information as possible. They will give you advice for the time period between your phone call and your dental visit.

It’s very important not to touch the site of a loose implant. This can potentially cause further damage. Plus, the site will likely be sore, and touching it could cause you more pain.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Your oral surgeon will use imaging tools like x-rays and/or CT scans to assess the damage within your mouth. Then, they can decide on a plan of action. While some implants will need to be removed, early intervention can also reverse certain cases of implant failure.

The Bottom Line

If you notice loose dental implants (or any other changes to your implants), then it’s important to get help immediately. Rock Creek Oral Surgery in Cypress offers dental implant services to patients across the Houston area. We have the tools needed to restore dental implants. Call 832-930-7801 to talk with our team today.


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