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3rd Molar Extractions

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3rd Molar Extractions

At Rock Creek Oral Surgery, we work with every patient to ensure their wisdom tooth removal is as easy as possible. From first consultation to surgery recovery, you will receive personalized care that fits your needs. Explore our site and learn more about how we keep patients comfortable before and during the procedure. We’re confident that we offer the best wisdom tooth extraction in the Cypress, TX area.

Growing a third set of molars (also known as wisdom teeth) is perfectly normal. It happens for most people between the ages of 16 and 22. In fact, most patients simply do not have the jaw space needed for these molars to fit properly. This can lead to pain, sensitivity, and oral health problems as the extra teeth attempt to grow into place.

For most patients, extraction is the best way to protect the overall health of your smile. Our quick and straightforward wisdom tooth removal in Cypress helps you protect and regain your oral health. Best of all, it’s completely painless and prevents you from experiencing complications with your oral health in the future.

We use anesthesia to keep patients comfortable during their tooth extraction. The anesthesia used is similar to what you would receive before any other dental surgery. It’s administered through a small needle and numbs the area in the mouth that the dentist is working on. This allows you to avoid feeling pain during the extraction.

If desired, we also offer patients nitrous oxide for dental anesthesia. Also known as laughing gas, it allows patients to become relaxed and relieves anxiety, while still being conscious and able to communicate with their dentist. It is a potent pain reliever and wears off quickly after surgery, with no lingering side effects. The patient is able to remain awake and alert as soon as their surgery is finished.

Apart from minimal anesthesia, we can also provide general anesthesia to patients who require or prefer it. For example, individuals or children who experience real fear or anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist can benefit from general anesthesia. We’re proud to offer safe and effective dental anesthesia for wisdom tooth removal in Cypress.

Some patients may require or prefer sedation for their entire dental procedure. Some examples of this are people with sensitive gag reflexes, sensitive teeth, restlessness, or very low pain tolerance. You might also need sedation dentistry if you have extensive dental work, or need multiple wisdom teeth extraction.

That’s why we offer different types of dental sedation for your convenience and comfort. We can provide mild oral sedation, which allows you to become relaxed and calm during your dental procedure. We also offer IV sedation dentistry, which has faster-acting, moderate-intensity effects, or can deeply sedate you so that you’re sound asleep during the procedure. Dr. Garza and his team can help you choose the best type of sedation for your needs. Rest assured that we’re committed to bringing you a pain-free, comfortable dental experience through our expertise in sedation dentistry for wisdom teeth removal in Cypress.

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